Can You Lose Weight Without Supplements?


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Year after year, the market for dieters is filled with diet pills, fat-burning equipment and clothing, and many other fad diets. These are filled with a plethora of easy and quick weight loss promises. A wise dieter knows that these extreme dieting methods are simply temporary fixes that allow you to achieve your ideal body image. Instead of opting for these extreme weight loss supplement methods, it is better to go for weight loss methods that don’t compromise your health.


If you want to lose weight, two vital factors that you shouldn’t forget are diet and exercise. It is highly recommended for dieters to eat less of foods that are high in sugars and starches. Doing so is the first step you have to take to achieve whatever weight loss goals you have. The main reason why it is necessary to cut down on these foods is that these can stimulate insulin secretion. Insulin is the main fat storage hormone of the body.

With insulin, the hormone-sensitive lipase levels in the body lower. The lowered HSL level can encourage fat storage. If you cut down on the simple sugars, then this will decrease the insulin levels of the body. When the insulin level is low, it allows the body to utilize the stored fats which then leads to weight loss. The fat gets out of the fat stores and are burned by the body instead of the carbs.


If you are familiar with the basics of diet plans, then you know that the basis is always counting calories. You have to estimate a number of calories you have to eat every day to maintain your body’s energy balance. There is no fixed amount for everyone. It will vary depending on one’s age and gender. Sometimes, it will also depend on your lifestyle if you need more calories to gain or lose weight.

For dieters who are interested in shedding pounds, it is important to follow a diet where your calorie intake is restricted. You have to learn, then, to cut your calorie intake. It is better to focus on the foods high in bulk but low in calories.


Adding more vegetables and protein to the diet is helpful as well. You have to do that to meet your daily recommended range for carbs grams. You should never go beyond 260 grams daily with regards to your carb consumption. There are healthy meal delivery services available to help you know exactly how many calories you’re getting in a meal.

There are lots of protein sources out there that should help you achieve your weight loss goals. An example of these would be seafood, fish, meat, and eggs. Eggs are typically idea to eat for those who want to lose weight. Eating eggs for breakfast can enhance the effect of weight loss especially when you pick an energy-deficit diet.

Consuming the right protein amount during meals is imperative. Not only will doing so assist you with weight loss, but it also helps you stabilize your energy levels as well as balance your blood sugar level.


If you are dieting, you don’t only focus on your food. You also have to prepare a good exercise plan. You can do gym exercises or lift weights so that you can burn your calories. Doing exercises also speeds up your metabolism. You can maintain a lean muscle mass if you spend some time to work out. Don’t hesitate to ask for the help of certified personal trainers, weight loss specialists, and sports nutritionists if you are having problems creating your very own exercise plan.

You will steadily and gradually lose around one to two pounds a week if you follow through with the proper diet and regular exercise. Your weight loss might be difficult at first. It will become easier in the long run. You don’t necessarily have to rely on weight loss supplements to achieve your desired weight loss goals.

How I Was Able To Learn About The Amazing History Of Acupuncture


It’s been a while since I posted on my blog because I’ve been traveling a lot but I wanted to share something amazing with y’all. I’ve recently delved into the spirit of acupuncture and I had to share my experience.

Acupuncture has been something that I have always had a great interest in. The act of placing hot needles into the body to heal it something that has been truly fascinating for me. Indeed, this is especially true considering that such things as getting needles and inserted into the body is quite a serious thing when it comes to Western medicine. However, this does not seem to be the case in Eastern medicine branches that are connected to acupuncture. Of course, I am interested the most by acupuncture because it works like a miracle in many different cases. I know it has helped me immensely. I’ve been receiving NYC acupuncture with YinOva Center and they have thoroughly taught me the history of this wonderful practice. Hence, here’s how I was able to learn about the amazing history of acupuncture.

Granholm Getting Acupuncture in New York City

My most recent acupuncture session at YinOva Center in NYC

I was able to go ahead and ask a few of my Chinese friends about what they thought about acupuncture and whether they knew about the history concerning the treatment. Many of my Chinese friends come from quite traditional families, and furthermore, these friends often like to utilize Eastern medicine when it comes to health problems that they have. Indeed, I knew that asking these friends would be the best way for me to learn more about the amazing art of acupuncture, and how it came about. My friends were happy to tell me about the great history that comes with acupuncture.

My friends told me that acupuncture was one of the oldest forms of medical treatment in the world. Indeed, acupuncture stretches back hundreds upon hundreds of years into history. The treatment was often used throughout many different periods of Ancient China. Hence, it is quite easy to see that acupuncture has evolved and changed significantly since this period. Lots of my friends told me that there are differing styles of acupuncture that is utilized throughout many different parts of Eastern Asia. They say that this is because acupuncture was often introduced to new parts of East Asia. Countries were able to alter the treatment to better suit the culture and traditions of the place that it was being introduced into.

It’s because of this that there are lots of different styles of acupuncture that is currently being practiced all throughout the world. Even in North America, no two acupuncture clinics are the same. This is because the teachings of acupuncture are often taught down from generations. Thus, as this happens, small changes and alterations are put into place in regards to the practice. This ultimately leads to a wide variation in how acupuncture is carried out according to the clinic. My friends told me that each of them went to different styles of acupuncture clinics throughout their life, and they have gone about choosing their own favorite style of acupuncture that seems to work best for their body.

Indeed, to further extend my knowledge of acupuncture I decided to go to my local library to see if I could find out more about this treatment. Lots of books were available, to my surprise, that were centered around Eastern Medicine and how acupuncture played a huge role in this type of medicine. I was amazed to learn about the many different individuals that were involved not only in the invention of this type of treatment but also in the introduction of the treatment to other parts of the world. Although the treatment was initially invented in specific parts of Asia, after hundreds of years, the treatment was introduced to literally almost every corner of Eastern Asia. This lead to a huge range of different styles popping up throughout Asia.

It is very fascinating to look at the immense history that comes with acupuncture. Furthermore, it is even more fascinating to see just how each of the different points of acupuncture’s history has to do, in relation to many of the historical moments that occurred in traditional Eastern Asian history. Indeed, such things as acupuncture really have changed and evolved to correspond to new technology and knowledge that was gained as Eastern Asia developed throughout these past few hundred years.

Hence, this concludes this short recount on how I was able to learn about the amazing history of acupuncture. If you have an interest in this amazing form of treatment, I highly suggest that you go and read up on its history. For a hands-on experience, I recommend visiting the YinOva Center Acupuncture Yelp page or call them from the information below. The many informative reading will give you a greater understanding of this very unique type of medicine.

For more information about The Yinova Center, here is their information:

The YinOva Center
74 E 11th Street
New York, NY 10003
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Reach Your Weight Loss Goal With Plexus Slim



Obesity, a Widespread Problem

Obesity rates have experienced a marked increase over the years. Over time, the American diet has evolved into a toxic source of saturated fats, processed carbohydrates and excess sugar. As a result of this, diabetes and heart disease are now anticipated norms among many age groups. Many so-called diet gurus have feasted upon the growing needs and insecurities of the obese population, without addressing the root of the problem. However, Plexus Slim, a new approach to weight loss, resolves the root of the issue.

Overview of Plexus Slim

Most people are keenly aware that magic diet pills are a myth. The purpose of Plexus Slim is not to make unsubstantiated claims or to defy your hopes, but rather, to accompany your healthy lifestyle. Think of Plexus Slim as a long-term, dietary companion.

Plexus Slim is a dietary supplement that regulates blood pressure, fat absorption, weight loss, and cravings. Unlike many diet products that are currently sold, this supplement interacts directly with the physiological processes of the body. Its effects are not simply limited to fat burning. Instead, it channels its influence throughout the body, bloodstream, brain and endocrine system.

Thousands of people have been showing off their amazing Plexus Slim reviews and the company has garnered a positive reputation for success.

Benefits of this Product

This product makes sustainable weight loss and weight management possible. By suppressing cravings and stabilizing the endocrine system, this product targets existing fat and prevents fat storage, as well. Many consumers achieve noticeable results within 14 days of consuming this supplement.

This product addresses far more than cravings, however. Insulin sensitivity is a major culprit behind weight gain. The premise behind Plexus Slim is not to reduce your caloric intake, but rather, to decisively guide your body to better weight management.

This product is both sugar-free and incredibly appetizing, as well. The plant extracts in this supplement counteract the presence of sugar. Furthermore, these extracts impede fat absorption by regulating insulin levels. Remarkably, this product even is compatible with the rigorous diet of a diabetic. Diabetics notoriously suffer from weight issues because of their condition. But, even they can derive weight loss benefits from Plexus Slim.

Another celebrated benefit of this product is that it targets specific fat tissue, namely adipose tissue. This enables you to shed stubborn fat, without compromising your womanly curves. This mainly describes what Plexus Slim is.

Plexus Slim should not be regarded as the sole means of weight loss in your dietary regimen. It is merely intended to assist your existing diet and fitness regimen. It is critical to combine this product with a nutritious, daily diet and regular exercise for best results. It is quick, expeditious and perfect for anyone on the go. Simply add it to your water, and you are set for the day.

Plexus Slim Ingredients

Plexus Slims natural ingredients are known to be some of the best. The potency and effectiveness comes from its natural, herbal, plant based blend. It comprises Alpha Lipoic Acids, Chlorogenic Acid, and Garcinia, all of which contribute to fitness. This natural blend of plant extracts helps weight loss, while reducing blood pressure and sugar absorption. This is decidedly the root of its patent effectiveness.

The makers of Plexus Slim pride themselves in their natural approach, as they exclude a number of harmful, chemical additives that characterize the food of today. For example, one such ingredient that Plexus Slim does not contain is MSG, a harmful, addictive substance detected in many types of fast food. As stated, the primary ingredient in this supplement is plant extract.

Another harmful ingredient detected in many foods is aspartame-based sweeteners, which have been known to affect mood, and cause a host of other disturbances in the body. The makers of this product underwent a lot of experimentation to create the wonderful taste that Plexus Slim is known for today. At first, they simply added Stevia to make the mixture sweeter. This, however, resulted in an unpleasant aftertaste that test subjects rejected viscerally. Eventually, they developed their signature taste by combining Stevia with Lao Han, an extract that is derived from a specific fruit.

Taking This Product Safely

It is recommended that you consume this product no more than one to two times per day, 30 minutes before your meal. This product should be added to 12-20 ounces of water.

The FDA has not yet approved this product. Furthermore, Plexus Slim does not possess any remedial or curative properties for disease. Direct sun exposure should be avoided upon consumption.

Some consumers have inquired about the presence of caffeine in this product, which is exceedingly low. This product contains less than 2% caffeine, which is derived from Green coffee Bean.